Eureka Brush Roll 61869-01

Eureka Brush Roll 61869-01
Item# 61869-1

Product Description

Eureka Litespeed, Whirlwind, Altima, Contour Roller Brush.

Fits Eureka Victory, Whirlwind, Maxima, Litespeed, Contour, Genesis, Altima, EZ Kleen, Athena, PetPal, PowerPlus, Uno models: 2920A, 2924AS, 2926AS, 2961AXV, 2970A, 2970AV, 2981, 5813AV, 5841BS, 5848AVZ, 5849AN, 5855AN, 5855BZ, 5856BV, 5856BVZ, 5859ASZ, 5860AVZ, R2924A, R2926A, SP5816A 2920A 2924AS 2926AV 2961AVZ 2961BVZ 2970A 2971AV 2976AVZ 2977AV 2998BZ 3276AVZ 3276AZ 3276BVZ 3277AVZ 3279AZ 3281AZ 3282AVZ 4711AZ 4711BZ 4712AZ 4760AZ 5813AV 5848AVZ 5855AN 5855BZ 5856BV 5856BVZ 5859ASZ 5860AVH-1 5860AVZ 5860BVZ 4499B 4459AS, 4463AV, 4464AT, 4467AV, 4468A 4488AT, 4489AT, 4495A-1, 4496AV, 4497AH 4498AS, 4660AT, 4672ATV, 4674AT, 4684AT 4684B, 4686ATV, 4688ATV, 4689ATV, 4696AV 5195AT, 5196AT, 5197AT, 5197B 5810A, 5811A, 5812A, 5815AV, 5840A 5840AV, 5841A, 5841AS, 5841AV, 5841BV 5842AV, 5843AV, 5843AZ, 5844AV, 5844AZ 5845A, 5846AH, 5847AV, 5847AVX, 5847AZ 5847BV, 5848AV, 5850AZ, 5851AN, 5851AV 5855AZ, 5857AZ, 5892AZ Ultima This brush roll measures 14.5 inches in length. Old Part #62228-1, 62228-2, 62228-3, 61308-2, 61869-1, 15929-1, EK211

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